What is Simba Savannah?

Two years of successful Pitch Nights in Zimbabwe comes to life on reality TV. One or two entrepreneurs, called "Innovators," stand in front of prolific captains of industry, called the "Simbas," to see if they can win over mentorship, partnership or investment. The Innovators give compelling talks on why their valuation is valid, how progressive they've been and why Africa needs their product or service. The Simbas, who are encouraged to invest in-kind before any cash is on the table, barter, disagree, educate and either offer a deal or remain silent.

Goal of the show: The series will catalyze entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe, by showcasing the innovators and connecting with the Simba's. It's educational, instructive, entertaining and humorous.

Brief Synopsis: "Simba Savannah TV Show" an exciting new reality show that gives emerging African  entrepreneurs the chance to make their dreams come true and become successful and  possibly wealthy business people. But the entrepreneurs must first try to convince five tough, established captains of industry to partner with them and give them what they need to catalyze their ideas. In these trying economic times, it's difficult for an individual possessing a dream or even a working small business poised for growth to get a loan for a risky venture. Whether it be an imaginative enhancement for an existing product, an app hat revolutionize the way we do thing,or the latest technological gadget that could take Africa to the next level. Many of these people now see "Simba Savannah" as their last chance at success. Some have been laboring on their ideas for years or even decades, have invested large amounts of money, and are being pressured to throw in the towel by friends and family. Others have simply never had access to the means to live out their dreams, until now. The entrepreneurs and ideas come from all across Zimbabwe and have undergone pitch training and mentoring from Emerging Ideas + Udugu Institute.