Brand Awareness is not Good Enough

So we’re big fans of Burberry (that international clothing brand based out of London). Not because their clothes are expensive (we’re talking really expensive) or even because their style is hugely different from the other brands.

We’ve bought into their adventure. Burberry started telling their story through powerful short films and people started realising that in the past, they were the brand that clothed some of the most dangerous explorations on the globe. They suited up Shakleton on his adventure through the South Pole.

They suited up front line war heroes in World War I, with special garb. They decked out the first woman pilot. We’re won over not because they sell clothes. They sell a pioneering spirit and a world that pulls you in.

Marketers around the world work hard to move the consumer from brand awareness to brand loyalty to brand insistent (Steve Greene). 

So here’s our take on it.

Brand awareness can come by shouting loud. Pushing a good product. Discounts and price battles.

Brand loyalty comes by consistency, good service, relevant information and

Brand insistence comes through relationship. The extra mile, the story connection and an experience that makes you feel like family. This is what good content brings to the light. It let’s people in on the passion that drives the brand.

Content is not king. Good content is king.

Let people insist on your brand. Not just know about it.