All talk and no action makes Johnny Talker a dull brand

Ever seen a brand selling dreams but delivering nightmares? We bought a locally phone brand once. You know - support the homegrown energy. Promises were stacked higher than Joina City and the branding was a little above average. The phone crashed in a few weeks and the customer service agent’s name was nonsense … and that’s exactly what they gave us.

As much as the marketing and powdering-up matters, the delivery on the promise is what turns an interested chancer into a lifetime customer.

Think about this, a big bad marketing campaign can push all the right buttons drive sales and increase walk in customers. Open for Business in Zim, for example. It’s good (it could be better), but if investors flock Zimbabwe to an open sign and they find weeds of bureaucracy, stifling policies and a difficulty in doing business then they’ll walk out and tell other people that we’re closed. “They’re not as ready as they say they are.”

You don’t want to be spending more time on damage control than creating your brand movement. It’s harder to win these clients back because no amount of marketing clout will get them to trust you again. Trust is paralyzed. Done.

So great marketing is linked to the UX (user experience) on the ground. It needs a strategy that connects to the experience of the customer. The conversation is bigger than “Just make us look good out there.” It’s about the smart ideas & systems behind the scenes that give credibility to powerful campaign.

Big Marketing + bad experience = irreplaceable trust

Small Marketing + big experience = referrals that last a lifetime

Follow the promises to the ground, and eliminate the problems in your UX.

A come back from a muddy brand name is like trying to revive the Zim dollar.

After the pre 2008 bad Zim dollar experience, how many Zimbabweans wanted it back? Zero.

Match up the promise to the experience and you’ve got dynamite.